Class presentation

For your class presentation, you need to pick a paper, read it, present it to the class (with a PDF that will be posted on the class webpage), and answer questions. The presentation should take 15-20 minutes, and will be followed by up to 15 minutes for questions. Your grade on the class presentation will be content and your ability to answer questions (that would be based only on understanding the paper), so don't worry about how pretty your slides are.

You can pick a paper you like, but I will need to approve the choice (I will make sure the paper is within the scope of the course and not too difficult for you to be able to present it). By March 15, send me a list of 2-4 papers you would like to present, along with the hardcopies of the papers; I will select one of these papers. Also, I want everyone to pick a different paper, so if you have requested a paper that someone else has already been approved for, I'll not be able to approve that assignment for you. Therefore, the earlier you send me your requests, the better!

You will need to send me the PDF for your presentation at least one week before the presentation; I will send your presentation back to you with comments, which you can incorporate if you wish. The final presentation (in PDF form) is due 48 hours before your presentation, so I can upload it.

Probably the easiest thing to present is a method addressing something we've studied (or will study). Here is a list of interesting methods that might be good for class presentations.

Another kind of paper that would be fun to present would be one that addresses some controversial topic (which abound in this area). Some of those topics are:

Another type of paper that would be of interest is one that addresses the use of these methods to answer some biological problem. If this is of interest to you, please talk to me about what you would want to present.