The resumes on the right are currently not up to date. When I do get around to updating them, I will update this part of the page.

Below are a list of places where I have worked in a professional capacity.

  1. Grammatech Inc (Software Engineer Intern)

    I was responsible for developing library models for the Win32 API to be used with CodeSonar - the company's flagship code analysis tool. These models were intended to approximate the behaviour of the Win32 API functions as closely as possible so that CodeSonar could make a more complete analysis.

  2. MAQ Software (Software Development Engineer)

    I worked on various projects at MAQ. My duties included writing and unit-testing code (ASP.Net and C#) and system maintenance (bug-fixes and minor feature requests). Most of the development work I did was for a content-management module for the maintainers of Microsoft Store. The system maintenance work was for Windows Marketplace - a Microsoft-run site which has since been decommisioned.