For some reason, I had an overwhelming urge to write this description of myself in reverse chronological order (and no, I wasn't furiously updating my resume just before writing this).

In my spare time, I like to read (sadly, it's been a while since I have read something that wasn't related to computer science research), hike (which I did a lot less of in Utah than I would have liked and will probably not be doing much of here in Illinois) and play the keyboard (it is in your own best interests to not ask me to play something for you). I also enjoy playing badminton, volleyball and tennis (although I am not particularly good at any of them). I have also discovered that I am not entirely incompetent in the kitchen, and every now and again, pleasant accidents are known to happen.

Prior to moving to the cornfields of central Illinois, I spent two years nestled in the foot of the Wasatch mountains in gorgeous Salt Lake City, Utah. Oh, and I got a Masters (MS) in Computer Science along the way too. The School of Computing at the University of Utah gave me my first taste of life as a graduate student, and I liked it enough to want to stay on for at least a few more years. My advisor at Utah was Prof. Matthew Might, from whom I learned a lot about static analysis, graduate school and life as an assistant professor. During those two years, I also worked as a Research Assistant with a lot of really, really smart people in the Flux research group.

Before packing my bags and moving clear to the other side of the planet, I had a real job for a little under a year as a software development engineer at MAQ Software. It was great fun working with the people there and while I can't say that that experience has even the slightest bearing on the career I have chosen now, I wouldn't trade in my time there for anything ... well, ok, make me an offer and perhaps we can talk ...

What got the me that job was the Bachelors degree (BE) in Computer Engineering given to me by the University of Mumbai (I can hear some of my classmates snickering as they read this). This came at the end of four interesting (for lack of a more appropriate or descriptive word) years at the St. Francis Institute of Technology in Bombay. Those years were spent making good friends, organizing a bunch of events for the college chapter of CSI and playing volleyball. I worked on my final year project under the guidance of Prof. Vivek Borkar at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai. That was my first foray into the world of computer science research and, well, here I am.

And all this after being born and growing up in the teeming metropolis that is Bombay, India (yes, I still, and probably always will, call it by its old name). It would seem that I have been moving to progressively smaller cities over time with the population decreasing by an order of magnitude with each move. I wonder if my next residence will be here.