Tao Xie's Software Engineering Readings- Presentations
(Under Construction)

      2000 International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis   Slides       ISSTA 2000  
      2002 International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis   Slides  

      FSE-8 2000 Conference Program Presentations  
      Software Engineering for High Assurance Systems: Synergies between Process, Product, and Profiling (SEHAS 2003)
      CSEET 2002: 15th Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training  CSEET'03
      ICSE2002 - Workshop on Architecting Dependable Systems      
      ICSE 2001- Perspectives on Software Engineering Panel 
      ICSE 2000 Future of Software Engineering Slides 
      CMU SEI Component-Based Development  
      ICSE 2000 COTS Workshop  
      Software Architecture 2002  
      Java Verification Workshop 2002     
      UW/Microsoft Summer Research Institutes
      Euromicro Conference - Euromicro Workshop on Component-based Software Engineering

      ICSE-17 Keynote Slides  
      ASE 97 Keynote  ASE2002 Keynotes

      Mary Shaw's Talks
      Daniel Jackson's Talks 
      Victor R. Basili's Talks
      Fraunhofer IESE Publications: Keynotes and Invited Talks  
      Cigital presentations     

      CMU What Makes Good Research in Software Engineering
      Stanford CS446 - Tools and Processes for Software
      Univ of Washington Manuvir Das' Program Analysis Course  
      Program Analysis Course  by Hanne Riis Nielson  
      Program Analysis Course  
      Program Analysis and Testing course   
      CMSC 631 - Program Analysis and Understanding by Bill Pugh  msc731

      UCI Software Testing and Analysis Course
      U Calgary - SE Courses      Software Process Management Course    Software Quality Management course   
      Software Spec Course at KSU  
      Course Test definition        Course Notes
      Software Testing Notes
      OO and Architecture-based Testing   course by Jeff  Offutt  Course Reading Papers    Course readings
      Advanced Topics in Software Testing Fall 2001    Fall 2002
      Software Testing Seminar by Sagiv  
      UCI Debra Richardson Testing courses  
      GMU Jeff Offut's Testing courses      Reading List and Summaries   Analysis of Software for Testing summaries
      GMU Ye Wu's Testing courses  
      GMU Ye Wu's Component-based Software Development   
      Component Software Course  
      Component-Based Software Engineering course
      Program Analysis and Testing course      
      Introduction to the Automatic Analysis of Software Artifacts course
      Manton M. Matthews Lectures
      Bart Massey's OMSE courses
      Survey/Tutorial on Model-Based Test Generation
      U Dundee Testing Reading
      UCI Testing Lecture

      U Virginia AOSD course



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