Rashid Tahir

   Doctoral Candidate
   Department of Computer Science
   University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
   Email: tahir2@illinois.edu

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About me

I am a student in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, humbly pursuing my PhD with Professor Matthew Caesar.

This summer I was a research intern at Microsoft Research Redmond where I was working with Himanshu Raj and Paul England on enhancing security in the Azure infrastucture.

Prior to UIUC, I completed my undergraduate degree at the Lahore University of Management Sciences in 2011 and was advised by Dr Muhammad Fareed Zaffar and Dr Ashish Gehani.

My research interests fall in the area of Operating Systems, Networks, Security and Distributed Algorithms. Currently I'm exploring the problem of brute force attacks and information leakage in data center networks.

On a different plane I am also looking at privacy in Cloud Computing environments. My aim is to hide program behavior from an untrusted operating system or a third-party hypervisor by employing the use of trusted hardware combined with software obfuscation techniques.

Ongoing Projects

  • Eliminating covert channels in virtualized environments

  • Privacy protection against untrusted hypervisors and operating systems

  • Defending against DDoS by remapping the dynamics of the network

  • Integrating distributed caching (memcached) into Hadoop

  • Ambiguity recognition in RFCs

Past Projects and Publications

Optimized Rollback and Re-computation
  • Hasnain Lakhani, Rashid Tahir, Azeem Aqil, Fareed Zaffar, Dawood Tariq, and Ashish Gehani, Optimized Rollback and Re-computation, 46th IEEE Hawaii International Conference on Systems Science (HICSS), IEEE Computer Society, 2013.
Identifying the Provenance of Correlated Anomalies


  • Sohaib and Sara Abbasi Computer Science Fellowship, UIUC, 2011-2012

  • Dean's Scholar, Lahore University of Management Sciences, 2011

  • Speaker at the Faculty Development Workshop Summer 2010 held at the COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, 2010

Graduate Coursework

  • CS538 Advanced Computer Networks, Fall 2012 (with Prof. Brighten Godfrey)

  • CS598RHC Cloud Computing, Spring 2011 (with Prof. Roy Campbell)

  • CS523 Advanced Operating Systems, Spring 2011 (with Prof. Sam King)

  • CS598NV Distributed Algorithms, Fall 2010 (with Prof. Nitin Vaidya)

Other Activities

Outside of my research, I like to play basketball and volleyball and occasionaly go for swimming.

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