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Homework for MSE485/PHYS466/CSE485: Atomic Scale Simulations

In the following homework assignments, questions and tasks that you are expected to complete for grading appear in blue font (there may occasionally be additional questions or prompts that will not be graded).

Please submit a hard copy of your homework, in class.

You may write your solutions by hand or type them up and print them.
You will need to use ink if you choose to hand-write your solutions.
If you use pencil, you won't be allowed to "argue" your score up in case some misunderstanding arises with grading.

If you are unable to turn in a hard copy, we can accept an electronic file in PDF format, but you must explain the circumstances before you turn it in. We cannot read newer Microsoft documents -- please print these to pdf or the formatting can be broken!!! Please do not send an unfinished format like .tex which requires additional processing by us.

You will receive feedback for your work (where you lost points etc.) only if you submit a hard copy. We will not print out the PDF file to have it returned to you. If you had submitted a PDF file just to meet the deadline but still would like to receive feedback, notify us before we finish grading (usually a week after the deadline) and turn in an unaltered printout of the PDF file you sent us.

Whenever you are requested to submit code, please submit both a hard copy and the electronic files to the TAs via email. Please attach the file to the email (do not paste code into the body) and give it a unique name (eg. your last name or NetID).

All homework questions and submissions should be directed to the TA:

Office hour location: ESB 4111

We also have an online discussion forum set up for you to address questions to the whole class and/or share ideas.

We will occasionally post answers to questions sent to us by email if we find it useful to others in class as well.

AtomicScaleSimulations_HW1 Due Wednesday Feb 5, 2014

AtomicScaleSimulations_HW2 Due Wednesday Feb 19, 2014

AtomicScaleSimulations_HW3 Due Friday March 7, 2014

AtomicScaleSimulations_HW4 Due Wednesday March 19, 2014

AtomicScaleSimulations_HW5 Due Friday April 18, 2014

AtomicScaleSimulations_HW6 Due Wednesday April 30, 2014

A note about unassigned homework: We will be actively modifying homework up until the time it is assigned. Unassigned homework may contain errors and is subject to change. Work ahead at your own risk.

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