Philip Brighten Godfrey

Ph.D., Computer Science, UC Berkeley, May 2009.
M.S., UC Berkeley, 2006.
B.S. in Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University, May 2002.

Office: 3211 Siebel Center
Email: pbg at illinois dot edu
Fax: 217-244-6869

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I completed my Ph.D. in May 2009, advised by Ion Stoica at UC Berkeley (which means this is something of a coincidence). From February to July 2009, I was a visiting researcher at Intel Labs Berkeley.

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My research integrates networked systems and theory. You can check out my complete list of papers. Here are my group's current themes.

Low latency networking

Trustworthy networking

Data center network topology

Compact routing and paths in social networks

Flexible Internet architecture

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2014FebSloan Fellowship (Illinois press release)
Will be a Fellow in the Center for Advanced Study Beckman Fellow in 2014-15 to pursue networking at the speed of light
2013DecAnkit's paper High Throughput Data Center Topology Design accepted to NSDI 2014
NovCo-chairing HotNets 2014 with Anja Feldmann
SepAshish's paper Low Latency via Redundancy accepted to CoNEXT 2013
JunPhD students Mo Dong and Qingxi Li win a 2013 Internet2 Innovate Application Award for Black Box Congestion Control (BBCC)
VeriFlow code released
AprAnkit Singla and Chi-Yao Hong's work on Jellyfish wins a UIUC CS Undergraduate - Graduate Symposium Outstanding Research Project Award
Rachit Agarwal's paper in PODC 2013: A Simple Stretch 2 Distance Oracle
MarThe Summer School on Formal Methods and Networks in June will cover SDN, verification, and more — join us!
Submit your CoNEXT 2013 workshop proposals by April 15!
2012DecVeriFlow and DDC accepted to NSDI 2013
HotNets 2012 Highlights in CCR January 2013
SepAshish Vulimiri and Oliver Michel's paper in HotNets 2012: More is Less: Reducing Latency via Redundancy
Rachit Agarwal's paper in SODA 2013: Distance oracles for stretch less than 2
AugVeriFlow wins a HotSDN 2012 best paper award
JuneAnkit Singla wins Google PhD Fellowship in Datacenter Networking
IEEE Communications Society & Information Theory Society Joint Paper Award for Network Coding for Distributed Storage Systems
MayAhmed Khurshid and Wenxuan Zhou's paper in HotSDN 2012: VeriFlow: Verifying Network-Wide Invariants in Real Time
AprilChi-Yao Hong's paper in SIGCOMM 2012: Finishing Flows Quickly with Preemptive Scheduling
Shortest Paths in Less Than a Millisecond in WOSN 2012
On the Resilience of Routing Tables brief announcement in PODC 2012
Rachit Agarwal wins Rambus Computer Engineering Fellowship
MarChi-Yao Hong wins Symantec Research Labs Graduate Fellowship
FebHow well can congestion pricing neutralize denial-of-service attacks? accepted to SIGMETRICS 2012
2011DecJellyfish accepted to NSDI 2012
IEEE Communications Society Data Storage Technical Committee 2010 Best Paper Award for Network Coding for Distributed Storage Systems
Jellyfish presented at DIMACS Workshop on Systems and Networking Advances in Cloud Computing
OctPanelist at Verisign Internet Infrastructure Grant Symposium ... grant program video, researcher video
SepASAP accepted to CoNEXT 2011
AugBGP stability is precarious
JulArchitecting for Innovation accepted to CCR
AprDebugging the Data Plane with Anteater accepted to SIGCOMM 2011
Jellyfish: Networking Data Centers Randomly accepted to HotCloud 2011
MarOne of four winners of VeriSign's Internet Infrastructure Grant Program, for our work on ASAP, a low-latency transport protocol
JanSlick Packets accepted to SIGMETRICS 2011
2010DecArticle on NSF grant on scalable, low latency networks
NovApproximate Distance Queries and Compact Routing in Sparse Graphs accepted to INFOCOM 2011
Demo at GEC9 on resilient source routing
SepScalable Routing on Flat Names accepted to CoNEXT 2010
AugNSF grant awarded for network architecture experimentation on GENI
JulNSF grant awarded for work on "Scaling Routing: From Theory to Practice (and Back Again)"

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