About Me

I am sixth year PhD student working in the DPRG group with Prof Indranil Gupta. I am primarily interested in data storage problems. Today's systems store large volumes of data to provide business intelligence to companies. Efficient storage techniques enable fast runtimes for analytics jobs. Often these techniques are transparent to the application developer and happen in the background. My research finds efficient ways to storing data such that it improves query time in databases, computation time and throughput in analytics systems.

Before joining UIUC, I did my masters in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in IIT Kharagpur. I was advised by Prof. Arobinda Gupta. I worked on misbehavior detection techniques in vehicular networks. Prior to that, I did my undergrad from Jadavpur University. After my masters, I worked for 3 years at Adobe Systems India as a developer in the InDesign team.



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