Rendezvous Recess

(A Tribute to Billy Bob Carol and Their Network of Adoring Fans)

I will arise and go now, conempaths join for tea,
And a small mock-up build there, of gum and pushpins made:
One sound-bose will I have there, a tank for the high lay-see,
And think alone in the see-loud trade.

And I shall have some peas there, for peas come dropping slow,
Dropping from the boxes of the morning until the crumbler sings,
There midnoon's all atwitter, and dusk past time to go,
And mangers low on flutterby wings.

I will arise and go now, for always night and day
Americologists be-google me with shady tweets
While I dodge the tremorous, or fill the printer tray,
I hear them in the ring tone beats.


conempath: a person who makes a joke and blames the listener for having a poor sense of humor when he or she does not laugh

"of gum and pushpins made": apologies to Matt Groening

lay-see: an extremely important member of a group, who feels compelled to offer extensive commentary on every minor issue; never misses a meeting

peas: small chunks of chocolate or raw sugar that "fall" off of snacks

boxes of the morning: euphemism for the canonical morning meeting snack

crumbler: a person who endeavours to avoid detection while devouring meeting snacks by repeatedly acquiring small portions

manger: a manager who wants to fit in with the workers, but has trouble keeping his temper in check

flutterby wings: nickname for "wings" supposedly made from lamb's meat, but actually crafted by old men who troll among the wheat

Americologist: one who marries an American solely for green card purposes

be-google: pronounced "bee goo-gli," meaning to befuddle, typically by interspersing one's poems with confusing nonsense words

tremorous: one who insists that his/her delta is going to change the world every time you meet them

(words and ideas shamelessly stolen from Shobha Vasudevan and Siddarth Krishnan)

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