The Original Passive Web Chain Letter


You will receive something special within 13 days of reading this very special letter, PROVIDED that you follow the directions exactly. This letter has travelled electronically around the world

times! Paine N. Suffrin read this letter but failed to follow directions. Soon his car was repossessed! Joy Isme put a copy on her home page; within a fortnight, a long forgotten ticket won her $15,000,000 in the Xanadu Lottery!

After reading this letter, immediately save a copy of the source and change the following URL to point to WHERE YOU FOUND THE LETTER Display the modified version proudly on your own home page. If you do not have a home page, contact your service provider IMMEDIATELY and DEMAND that they provide you with some service. Make sure that anyone can find it from the top page. Phouli Harddy copied the letter to her page but forgot to link it in. Soon the stocks held by her retirement account collapsed! Mucho Dinero REPLACED his homepage with the letter. The next day he received a packet of free stock options for WEB companies!

This is NOT a cheap attempt to get more links to my page! The letter is REAL! You must follow the directions to the letter to avoid mihsap and poor spelling. Ghpnmllqrstx P. Q. Zzzznfrgrgrg ignored the letter. Within one month, it received notice of an unrequested name change! To make matters worse, the phone company soon listed it near the end of the book!

After you have added the letter to your home page, enclose one thousand U.S. dollars in a small SASE manila envelope. Make sure the envelope is SMALL and has been constructed of fine manila paper. If you fail to obey these directions, you will suffer a great loss!

Put the envelope on your mantle. If you do not have a mantle, rush out and buy a new home, or ask to use a friend's mantle. Be very careful when placing your letter on the mantle, especially if the mantle is near a fireplace. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE A MANTEL! After the envelope has rested on the mantle for five days, purchase enough postage to send it through your local mail and apply it to the upper right hand corner of the envelope. BE SURE to remove the original stamp from the envelope first. Otherwise you might OVERPAY your postal service. If your postage is misapplied, you may not receive your valuable surprise!

Replace the envelope ON the mantle, and put the mantle on your mantel. Here is where the new home that you may have purchased can come in handy. Do not borrow a friend's mantel, as you might IRREPARABLY DAMAGE their home. Bring your mantle to a friend, if need be. Allow the ENVELOPE to sit on the mantle on the mantel for another two days, then drop it into a mailbox no closer than 1 mile but no farther than a league from your home.

Be very CAREFUL when doing this! Ichbin Layzee put his envelope outside for the mail carrier to pick up. Within HOURS, his envelope had vanished! Luckee Starz took great care to pace the walk to the mailbox. Within two WEEKS, a truck delivered new furniture to her new home!

Have you done everything already? DO NOT print the letter. Printing drivel is a DEATH SENTENCE for a tree! Make the copy for your HOME PAGE NOW!

Good luck!