Apolitical Humor

As we all know, meaning is in the brain of the reader and is not inherent to the material being read.

For example, if someone were to casually remark, "Making fun of Sarah Palin is like shooting moose from a helicopter," what would they mean? How hard is it, exactly?

Or, as a moral indictment, "When Cain's son is palin', palin' becomes Cain?" Surely all of us should grieve in a time of loss? Hard to say what else it could mean, but I'm sure someone could come up with something.

All told, it's important to draw lines in the sand so that the righteous have something to talk about in their daily newsletters, and if the sand happens to be in a lone and level place, so much the more visually stimulating.

For those inclined to sputter and gibber about nonsense, may your imaginary friends condone your lack of imagination.

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