An uninflatable polyhedron

Computational Geometry

CS 598 JE, Spring 2008

WF 12:30-1:45, 1302 Siebel Center
Instructor: Jeff Erickson

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This is still essentially the schedule from Spring 2002. I will update this semester's schedule as the semester progresses.

Makeup lectures for the cancelled classes on Jan 23, Feb 20, and Feb 22 will be held on three consecutive Mondays later in the semester.

Date Lecture topics Scribe notes
Jan 16 Two-dimensional convex hulls [O98, Chapter 3]: Definitions; counterclockwise test; Jarvis' march [J73], Graham's scan («das Dreigroschenalgorithmus») [G72, A79], divide and conquer [PH77], marriage before conquest [KS96] [Jeff Erickson]
Jan 18 Two-dimensional convex hulls: sweep, incremental insertion, randomized incremental, prune and search, quickhull
Jan 23 Class cancelled — Jeff was at SODA
Jan 25 Geometric transformations: "Geometry" according to Euclid, Hilbert, Klein, and others; Euclidean, projective, and oriented-projective geometry [Dan Schreiber]
Jan 30 Projective duality: point=line=vector=beer mug
Voronoi diagrams: definitions, incircle test
[Dan Schreiber]
[Evan VanderZee]
Feb 1 Voronoi diagrams: Shamos and Hoey's divide-and-conquer algorithm
Delaunay triangultions: definitions, combinatorial dual of Voronoi diagram
Feb 6 Delaunay triangulations: Local Delaunay edges; Lawson's flipping algorithm
Paraboloid lifting map: Delaunay triangulations lift to lower convex hulls
Feb 8 Paraboloid lifting map:
lower convex hull of paraboloid points projective
upper envelope of paraboloid tangent planes
^^^ lift ^^^   vvv project vvv
Delaunay triangulation combinatorial
Voronoi diagram

Randomized incremental constructuon
Feb 13 Symbolic perturbation  
Feb 15 Polytopes and polyhedra: definitions, equivalence of convex hulls (polytopes) and halfspace intersections (polyhedra), faces (facets, ridges, edges, vertices), the face lattice, polytope duality.  
Feb 20 Class cancelled — Jeff will be at Dagstuhl
Feb 22
Feb 27 Higher-dimensional convex hulls: Chand and Kapur's O(nf) gift-wrapping (primal) or pivoting (dual) algorithm, upper bound on number of facets  
Feb 29 Higher-dimensional convex hulls: Seidel's O(n2 + f log n) shelling (primal) or sweeping (dual) algorithm, cyclic polytopes  
Mar 5 Higher-dimensional convex hulls: randomized incremental algorithms: conflict graphs, single conflicts, flipping with history dags  
Mar 8 Simple polygon triangulation: existence, van Gogh's algorithm, monotone mountain decomposition, trapezoidal decomposition  
Mar 12 Trapezoidal decompositions: plane sweep, randomized incremental construction, point location  
Mar 14 Trapezoidal decomposition: Seidel's O(n log* n)-time randomized algorithm  
Mar 19 Spring break
Mar 21
Mar 26 Binary space partitions: Basic definitions, Paterson and Yao's O(n log n) BSPs for segments in the plane  
Mar 28 Binary space partitions: 2d BSPs continued, a sketch of Toth's lower bound for 2d BSPs, Chazelle's Omega(n2) lower bound and Paterson and Yao's O(n2) upper bound for 3d BSPs  
Apr 2 Line arrangments: definitions, complexity, incremental construction, The Zone Theorem  
Apr 4 Hyperplane arrangments: definitions, The Zone Theorem (the basic recurrence)  
Apr 9 Hyperplane arrangments: The Zone Theorem (solving the basic recurrence; Euler's formula), finding minimum-volume simplices  
Apr 11 Linear programming: definitions, Seidel's easy randomized incremental algorithm,  
Apr 16 Linear programming: Matousek-Sharir-Welzl/Kalai's "hidden dimension" algorithm; Clarkson's three-layer algorithm  
Apr 18 LP-type problems: definitions, examples (minimum-enclosing balls and ellipsoids)  
Apr 23    
Apr 25    
Apr 30    
May 2    
May ?? Semester projects due


Pointers to free electronic papers were mined from ResearchIndex and authors' personal web pages. Papers from the ACM Digital Library and most journals require a subscription, and thus may be inaccessible from outside the domain; I link to these only if no free version is available.

*Stars indicate authors who (as far as I know) were graduate students when their papers were first published. [No pressure!]

General References

Mark de Berg, Marc van Kreveld, Mark Overmars, and Otfried Schwarzkopf. Computational Geometry: Algorithms and Applications. Springer-Verlag, 2nd edition, 2000. [The required textbook]
Jeff Erickson. CS 373: Combinatorial Algorithms. Lecture notes, 2001. See especially notes on convex hulls, plane sweep, and polygon triangulation. [Becuase I'm the professor, that's why.]
Joseph O'Rourke. Computational Geometry in C. Cambridge University Press, 2nd edition, 1998. [An excellent introduction for students without a strong algorithms background. Source code is available from Joe's web site.]

Original Papers

A. M. Andrew. Another efficient algorithm for convex hulls in two dimensions. Information Processing Letters 9(5):216-219, 1979. [A left-to-right variant of Graham's scan]
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Hervé Brönnimann, John Iacono, Jyrki Katajainen, Pat Morin, Jason Morrison*, and Godfried T. Toussaint. Optimal in-place planar convex hull algorithms. To appear in Proceedings of Latin American Theoretical INformatics (LATIN 2002), 2002.
Binay Bhattacharya and Sandeep Sen. On a simple, practical, optimal, output-sensitive randomized planar convex hull algorithm. Journal of Algorithms 25:173-193, 1997. [O(n log h) expected-time prune and search; same as [W97]]
Timothy Chan*. Optimal output-sensitive convex hull algorithms in two and three dimensions. Discrete & Computational Geometry 16:361-368, 1996. ["Shatter-hull"]
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Michael Kallay. Convex hull made easy. Information Processing Letters 22(3):161, 1986. [O(n log n) incremental insertion]
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Rephael Wenger. Randomized quick hull. Algorithmica 17:322-329, 1997. [O(n log h) expected-time prune and search same as [BS97]]


There are hundreds more of these.
Alejo Hausner*. Convex Hulls, February 1999. [Graham's scan, Jarvis march, and quickhull]
Tim Lambert. Convex Hull Algorithms, September 1998. [incremental, gift-wrapping, divide and conquer, and quickhull; in 2D and 3D]