Posted to compgeom-announce by Steve Fortune ( August 26, 1996:
			Call for papers

		  ALGORITHMICA special issue
	    Implementation of geometric algorithms

Geometric algorithms pose numerous implementation challenges:  the
algorithms are often intrinsically complicated; complex geometric data
structures are required; special cases proliferate; geometric
predicates are hard to implement reliably; real-world input data
are often noisy and inconsistent.  High-quality scientific papers that 
focus on implementation issues are sought for a special issue of 
Algorithmica.  A submitted paper may be either theoretical or 
experimental; research surveys will also be considered.

Typical, but not exclusive, topics include

  o   Data structure representation of geometric objects
  o   Realistic measures of algorithm complexity
  o   Implementation of geometric predicates
  o   Exact arithmetic for computational geometry
  o   Geometric rounding
  o   Floating-point error analysis of geometric algorithms
  o   Symbolic perturbation schemes
  o   Experimental analysis and comparison of geometric algorithms
  o   Geometric algorithm libraries
  o   Case studies in algorithm implementation
  o   Algorithms that correct inconsistencies in geometric data

The submission deadline is January 1, 1997.  Submissions should be prepared
following the standard practices of the journal and should be sent to the guest 
editor, Steven Fortune, Room 2c459, Bell Laboratories, 700 Mountain Ave,
Murray Hill, NJ  07974,, 908 582 7042.  If you 
are considering the submission of a paper or require additional information, 
please contact the guest editor.

Electronic submission (postscript) is acceptable and indeed preferable.
All submissions will be refereed following the normal practices of the