Posted to VORAPP-L on January 15, 1996:

Thanks for reminding people of the deadline for the special issue of
Algorithmica.  :-)

Yes, another 10 days is possible.  I had not known the Spatial Data
Handling deadline when I chose the special issue deadline, so a number
of people have been asking for extensions.

    o                                   Jack


                          CALL FOR PAPERS

                for a special issue of Algorithmica on


   Manuscripts are solicited for a special issue of Algorithmica on
topics of algorithms and data structures for problems of spatial or
non-spatial data handling that arise in Geographic Information Systems
(GIS) and Cartography. Theoretical, experimental, and practical
analyses are encouraged. A (non-exhaustive) list of possible topics:
   * Map labeling.
   * Spatial data structures (R-trees, k-d trees, quad trees, quad
     edge) and their application.
   * Spatial analysis: computing polygon overlay, buffer zones, etc.
   * Visibility, simplification, drainage, etc. in terrain models.
   * Shape matching; cluster determination.
   * Generalization and simplification.
   * Road network analysis.
   * Thematic mapping.
   Manuscripts should be prepared according to the normal submission
requirements of Algorithmica, as described in each issue of the
journal.  All manuscripts will be subject to the regular refereeing
process of the journal.  Submit five (5) copies of complete
manuscripts by January 15, 1996 to the editor of this special issue:

Jack Snoeyink
Dept. of Computer Science, UBC
2366 Main Mall #201
Vancouver, BC, Canada V6T 1Z4

Algorithmica is "an international journal in computer science" that is
published by Springer-Verlag.