A night market in Hualien, Taiwan

Hsien-Chih Chang (張顯之)

Ph.D. student in
Department of Computer Science
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Email: hchang17 at illinois dot edu
  • Research Interests
    My general interests are in Theoretical Computer Science, especially in topics with strong connections to topology and geometry. Currently in the journey to the wonderful Mathland. (But really, we need a better map. I cannot find Mount Pee-Enpee.)
  • My advisor is Jeff Erickson.
  • Teaching assistant of
    • "CS 374": Algorithms & Models of Computation (Fall 2014). The number of students are cranking up!
    • "CS 374": Algorithms & Models of Computation (Spring 2014), the new pioneering course. Woohoo!
    • CS 473: Fundamental Algorithms (Fall 2013)

modified at 23 August 2014