Jiawei Han, Micheline Kamber and Jian Pei

Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques, 3rd ed.

The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Data Management Systems
Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, July 2011. ISBN 978-0123814791

Bibliographic Notes and Bibliography (in pdf)

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter2. Getting to Know Your Data

Chapter 3. Data Preprocessing

Chapter 4. Data Warehousing and Online Analytical Processing

Chapter 5. Data Cube Technology

Chapter 6. Mining Frequent Patterns, Associations, and Correlations: Basic Concepts and Methods

Chapter7. Advanced Pattern Mining

Chapter 8. Classification: Basic Concepts 

Chapter 9. Classification: Advanced Methods

Chapter 10. Cluster Analysis: Basic Concepts and Methods

Chapter 11. Advanced Cluster Analysis

Chapter 12. Outlier Detection

Chapter 13. Trends and Research Frontiers in Data Mining

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