Office: Siebel Center 3312
Lab: Siebel Center 3307

Prospective PhD Students

I may take on new PhD students for Fall 2014. There are also several other vision-related faculty here: Lana Lazebnik (CS), David Forsyth (CS), Paris Smargdis (CS), Thomas Huang (ECE), and Narendra Ahuja (ECE). My main interest is in visual scene understanding: inferring general principles and current situations from imagery in a way that helps achieve goals. Major topics include object recognition, 3D reconstruction, and integrated scene analysis.

All graduate applications are processed through the CS department. If you would like to work with me, apply to the CS department and note your interest in working with me. Admission is extremely competitive: only a few of the many highly qualified candidates can be accepted. Please do not ask about your chance of admission, as it cannot be predetermined. I look for evidence of intellectual curiosity, ambition, original thinking, effective communication, and enthusiasm, as well as technical competence and aligned interests. Research experience is highly valued. For foreign students, evidence of strong English speaking and writing skills is necessary. It's not necessary to contact me unless possibly if there is a very specific topic/direction that you'd like to work on and would like to know if I'm interested in advising you on that topic. If you contact me, please include the word "herbivorous" in the subject line so that I know you've read this.

UIUC Undergraduate Students

If you'd like to work with me or discuss projects, send me an e-mail. Please include your resume or CV and how you'd like to get involved. There are no formal requirements to work with me, but I would like you to have a 3.5 GPA and/or to have done some projects on your own, outside of class, that indicate a propensity to come up with ideas and work independently. You may collaborate with a graduate student or another undergrad, or just meet with me occasionally. Often, I don't have a project at the moment but can keep your information on file and let you know if a project opens up.

Summer Interns

I am not planning to hire summer interns and cannot respond to requests for internships.

Post-docs and Visiting Researchers

I have no openings for visiting researchers. I would be interested in working with a post-doc if there is a good fit in research topic interests. My aim would be to develop a collaboration that the post-doc can then build on to start his/her academic career.