Fuzzy Image and Facial Recognition Software

This project was assigned to my team to enhance the fuzzy vision application so that images that are blurry can be seen at maximum quality. In addition to the enchancement, my team implemented and added facial recognition functionality to the software.

  • Application User Manual
  • Presentation for Zoom-In functionality
  • Online Issues and Decision log
  • Link to project on Github
    • Coming soon:
      • Download and Install alpha application
      Fuzzy Image Processor and Facial Recognition Software

      The different filters/ features are:

      • Zoom In
        The picture zoomed to double the size based on the rectangle drawn or selected on the image.
      • Facial Recognition
        Using OpenCV for real-time image processing. Algorithms identify facial features by extracting landmarks, or features, from an image of the subject's face, these values are extracted from facial picture taken with their webcam, given these values, the program searches for a similar facial picture in a database.
      • Contrast
        A contrast filter makes bright colors brighter and dark colors darker. This moves the colors towards the edges of the spectrums.
      • Inverse Contrast
        An inverse contrast filter makes bright colors darker and dark colors brighter. This moves the colors towards the middle of the spectrum.
      • Sharpening
        A sharpening filter enhances the clarity of an image and makes details in an image more vibrant.
      • Noise Reduction
        A noise reduction filter removes unwanted random variations of brightness or color information in the image.
      • Edge Detection
        An edge detection filter finds the parts of an image where there are boundaries and marks them in white.

      Others: A filter may be undone by selecting Edit > undo or by clicking the undo button at the bottom. You may also redo what you undid by selected redo. If you would like to make a comparison to the previous version of the image, you can do so by clicking SideBySide after applying a filter. The previous version of the image will be opened in the other window. This image will remain the same, even when you apply filters in the other window. To update this image, simply click the SideBySide button again.