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ACM's Moral Imperatives and 8 More Specific Responsibilities

Written by Oreoluwa Alebiosu on January 7, 2014.

ACM's Moral Imperatives are:

  1. Contribute to society and human well-being: The explanation of this Moral Imperative was very understandable. The aim of most technological advancement is to contribute to the well-being of everyone in our society so I strongly agree with this Moral Imperative.

  2. Avoid harm to others: This Moral Imperative comes very important from both ethical and moral perspective. It is important for a computing professional to not harm anyone in anyway; either be undesirable loss of information, loss of property, property damage, or unwanted environmental impacts.

  3. Honor property rights including copyrights and patent: This is very important from an ethical standpoint, in addition to being a Moral Imperative. Unauthorized duplication of software is making use of someone else's work as a means which is wrong as Kant addressed this in his second Categorical Imperative theory.

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