Classroom Projects

C#, Visual Paradigm, Visual Studio

CIS 544 Advanced Software Design and Development:
Project Management System

Ruby on Rails, SQLite

CIS 526 Web Intergace Design:
Student Portal

C/C++, Visual Studio, OpenCV

CIS 642 Software Engineering Project 1 and 2:
Fuzzy Image and Facial Recognition Software

C/C++, Visual Studio
CIS 308 C/C++ Programming Laboratory:
C/C++ Projects

C#, Visual Studio, NClass

CIS 501 Software Architecture and Design:
Banking System
File System

C#, Visual Studio

CIS 300 Data Structures and Algorithm:
Travelling Salesperson
Matrix Multiplier
Word Ladder
Nim Game

Java, Eclipse, Greenfoot
CIS 200 Fundamentals of Software Design and Implementation
Greenfoot Games