C/C++ Projects

C/C++, Visual Studio
CIS 308 C/C++ Programming Laboratory:

  • Project 1: Binary counting
  • Program counts in binary from 0 up to a number inputed, printing each one.

  • Project 2: Permutation
  • Program prints all possible permutations of the characters in a given word.

  • Project 3: Postfix to Infix
  • Program lets user input a postfix expression and converts/prints it to infix expression.

  • Project 4: Tries and Anagrams
  • Program prints all anagram of the characters in a given word by using a dictionary text file
    read in and a corresponding trie that stores each word of the dictionary.

  • Project 5: Big Integer
  • Program contains the main function that uses BigInteger class. It gets the
    user input for two numbers and operator, creates two BigInteger objects, and
    then applies the operator by calling a function in BigInteger.It finally prints
    the expression and result to the screen.

  • Project 6: Four Square Cipher
  • Implements a four-square cipher algorithm. Program asks the user for both keys,
    and whether they want to encrypt or decrypt.
    If they want to encrypt, program asks for the original message,
    and then print the encrypted result.
    If user wants to decrypt, program asks for the encrypted message and then print
    the decrypted result. All spaces are ignored in all messages and results.

  • Project 7: N-Queens Problem
  • program uses a stack to find ALL solutions to the N-Queens problem for a
    particular board size. It then printx all solutions to the problem along
    with the total number of solutions.

  • Project 8: Representing Numbers
  • Program evaluates simple arithmetic expressions involving integers,
    decimals, and fractions.