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August 26 - Blog Post 1 (Personal Biography)

Hi, this is my first blog post. My name is Oreoluwa Alebiosu. I grew up in Nigeria and am mostly referred to as Ore (especially because it is easier to say). I am a Masters student in Department of Computer Science at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign . I received my Bachelors at Kansas State University.

My research interests are in machine learning, human computer interaction (HCI), software testing and verification, and (mobile) software design and development. My advisor is Professor Tao Xie and I work in the Illinois Automated Software Engineering Group within the Programming Languages, Formal Methods, and Software Engineering area.

I worked as an intern on Northrop Grumman's Big Data 2020 project in the R&D Department, and twice at Intel Corporation, developing dashboard tools for Customer Quality Engineers. I later returned to Intel as an intern with the Engineering Computing Emulation group.

I enjoy working on mobile apps and currently have a few of them on the app store, including Sportus, Lookin4, and Lookin4.ng. I hope to have some more out.

My best attributes are sense of creativity (thinking outside the box), sense of humor, simplicity, and hard work. I also possess excellent analytical solving skills, e.g. for Statistics, Calculus, and Investing etc. I am cautious in what I do now, and I am also career minded. I believe people will gain much from my personality from my simple personal hobbies and interests like:

  1. Programming
  2. Making and working well with new friends
  3. Volunteering
  4. Games: Adventure, FIFA Soccer, and Madden NFL
  5. Sports: Golf, Football, Soccer, Ping Pong, and Board games