I am a postdoc researcher at SyNRG, UIUC with professor Romit Roy Choudhury. Before joining UIUC, I served one year military service for my country at Taiwan. I finished my Ph.D. in Computer Science and Information Engineergin at National Taiwan University under the supervision of Hao-Hua Chu and Polly Huang in April 2013.

I am interested in creating embedded, sensory systems that can demonstrate how new digital technologies can play an important role in people's everyday living environments and bring benefits to people's everyday activities. In addition, I also want to explore how to use available sensors on a mobile phone to create applications/systems for everyday people, as mobile phones with a wide variety of built-in sensors are expected to be pervasive in the near future.

Work Experience

From 03/2010 to 08/2010, I interned at Microsoft Research Asia working on platform services for mobile phones.

From 10/2006 to 02/2007, I was a visiting student at UC Berkeley working on debris flow monitoring system by using wireless sensor network.


I have TAed graduate courses at National Taiwan University for Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing Spring 2009, Fall 2010 and Spring 2012.



MoLe: Motion Leaks through Smartwatch Sensors
He Wang, Ted Tsung-Te Lai, Romit Roy Choudhury
[in ACM MobiCom 2015] [pdf] [slide] [MobiCom presentation] [overview video] [acceptance rate 18% (38/207)]
Media Coverage: Daily Mail, Sina News, Yahoo News, The Times of India, News.com.au, Bangkok Post, Daily Illini, ChicagoInno, Motherboard.VICE, Wareable, PhysOrg, Popular Science, TechRadar, ConsumerAffairs, EurekAlert, Security Affairs, Silicon.fr, ...

TriopusNet: Automating Wireless Sensor Network Deployment and Replacement in Pipeline Monitoring (Awarded the Best Paper)
Ted Tsung-Te Lai, Wei-Ju Chen, Kuei-Han Li, Polly Huang, Hao-Hua Chu
[in ACM/IEEE IPSN 2012] [pdf] [slide] [acceptance rate 15% (22/147)]

Balancing Energy, Latency and Accuracy for Mobile Sensor Data Classification
David Chu, Nicholas D. Lane, Ted Tsung-Te Lai, Cong Pang, Xiangying Meng, Qing Guo, Fan Li, Feng Zhao
[in ACM SenSys 2011] [pdf] [acceptance rate 19% (24/123)]

PipeProbe: A Mobile Sensor Droplet for Mapping Hidden Pipeline (Awarded the Best Presentation)
Ted Tsung-Te Lai, Yu-Han (Tiffany) Chen, Polly Huang, Hao-Hua Chu
[in ACM SenSys 2010] [pdf] [slide] [video] [acceptance rate 17% (25/145)]

Spinning Beacons for Precise Indoor Localization
Ho-lin Chang, Jr-ben Tian, Ted Tsung-Te Lai, Hao-Hua Chu, Polly Huang
[in ACM SenSys 2008] [pdf] [video] [acceptance rate 16% (25/153)]


Mapping Hidden Water Pipelines using a Mobile Sensor Droplet (extended vesion of SenSys10 PipeProbe paper)
Ted Tsung-Te Lai, Wei-Ju Chen,Yu-Han (Tiffany) Chen, Polly Huang, Hao-Hua Chu
[in ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks, Volume 9, Issue 3, August 2013] [pdf] [SCI]


BikeTrack: Tracking Stolen Bikes through Everyday Mobile Phones and Participatory Sensing
Ted Tsung-Te Lai, Chun-Yi Lin, Ya-Yunn Su, Hao-Hua Chu
[in PhoneSense 2011, with ACM SenSys] [pdf] [slide]


Why Blow Away Heat? Harvest Server's Heat Using Thermoelectric Generators (Awarded the Best Poster)
Ted Tsung-Te Lai, Wei-Ju Chen, Yi-Hsuan Hsieh, Kuei-Han Li, Ya-Yunn Su, Polly Huang, Hao-Hua Chu
[in ACM ASPLOS 2012] [pdf] [poster]

PipeProbe: Mapping Hidden Water Pipelines
Ted Tsung-Te Lai, Yu-Han (Tiffany) Chen, Hao-Hua Chu, Polly Huang
[in ACM SenSys 2009] [pdf]

Awards (notable)

2012 MediaTek Fellowship Recipient

Best Paper Award at ACM/IEEE IPSN 2012

Best Poster Award at ACM ASPLOS 2012

ACM ASPLOS 2012 Student Travel Grant

Best Presentation Award at ACM SenSys 2010

2010 Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship Recipient

Professional Service

ACM HotMobile 2016 Local Arrangements Chair

ACM BuildSys 2014 TPC

ACM MobiSys 2013 Web Chair

I somtimes provide review comments for sensor network and ubiquitous computing conference/journal papers.